Penne Prize (2006, Italy)
Russian Booker Prize 2001

Right sold to: Albania - OMSCA, Bulgaria - COLIBRI, China - LIJIANG PUBLISHING, Beijing October Art & Literature Publishing House, Czech Repuiblic - PASEKA, Denmark - HOVEDLAND OG BOGAN, Estonia - TANAPAEV, France - GALLIMARD, Georgia - AZRI, Germany - VOLK UND WELT (LUCHTENHAND LUEBBE), Japan - GUNZOSHA, Korea - DULNYOUK PUBLISHING, The Netherlands - DE GEUS, Hungary - EUROPE, Italy - FRASSINELLI, Lithuania - JOTEMA, Macedonia - ANTOLOG, Norway - BAZAR, Poland - PHILIP WILSON, Portugal - RELÓGIO D’ÁGUA, Romania - HUMANITAS FICTION, Russia - EKSMO, AST, Serbia - Filip Višnjić, ARHIPELAG, USA - Northwestern University Press

Big part of her life Ulitskaya has been closely connected to biological schience, though a twist of life took her in another direction. Her years devoted to studying genetics and medicine have made a considerable impact on her literary style. This was where she realized the similarities between the doctor and the priest, and this was where the difficult questions emerged: where do the limits of human freedom lie and what are the limits between health and sickness, between life and death?

The novel Kukotsky Case deals with important themes such as motherhood, illness and marriage. The hero, a gynecologist, is ready to do everything possible to protect yet unborn life, but he also feels it his duty to defend every woman’s right to abortion, thus saving thousands of women from death as a result of backstreet abortions. This was a burning issue in the mid-twentieth century and it remains just as relevant today in the new millennium.


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