On October 5-6, 2015, Elena Kostioukovitch will be participating to the International conference 'Past and Present of Russian Literature Abroad' which will be taking place in the Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad at Nizhnyaya Radishchevskaya str., 2, Moscow, for details see http://www.domrz.ru/index.php?mod=news&id=1976

On October 6, Elena Kostioukovitch will present a public lecture "Translating unknowns, translating well-knowns, self-translating: professional translator in changing context."

Brief: technical aspects of translation in different situations, depending on whether direct contact with the author of translated work is possible or not. Specific situation: self-translation, when direct contact of the author with translator is inevitable, and usually interferes with a job.

On October 7 at 19.00, Elena will be talking live at the Solver Rain broadcasting channel: "Abut translation of book titles: why original titles are mistranslated - advantages and disadvantaged of changing a title"

On October 8 at 19.00, Elena Kostioukovitch will be presenting her translation of Umberto Eco's "Numero Zero" at Moskva book store, Vozdvizhenksa str,. 4

"Umberto Eco and his seventy interpreters. A story of world success: Who translates Eco's writings in different countries? What all Eco's translators have in common? Evolution of world success of Eco's novel, and trasnlator's role in it"

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