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Sasha Sokolov

ELKOST Intl. Agency handles world rights in ALL WORKS by Sasha Sokolov

Pushkin International Prize for Literature (Puschkin-Preis der Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F. V. S., Hamburg)
"October" Magazine Prize, Moscow
Andrey Bely Award, Leningrad

Sasha Sokolov. Photo: Basso Cannarsa



Sokolov’s importance for late twentieth-century Russian literature is undisputed - The Literary Encyclopaedia

Sokolov writes a new chapter in the history of Russian literature -D. Barton Johnson



Sasha Sokolov was born in Ottawa in 1943. The family returned to Russia in 1946 after his father's role in a Soviet spy ring relaying U.S. atomic secrets to Moscow was uncovered. Sasha's literary education took place largely in the home. He became known worldwide in the 1970s after his first novel "A School for Fools" had been published by Ardis (Ann Arbor, Michigan) in the US. The late Vladimir Nabokov, a man not known for the generosity of his critical judgments (especially of his fellow Russian writers), hailed it as "an enchanting, tragic, and touching book."

Since then, Sokolov is considered one of the most important authors of 20th century Russian literature, well acclaimed for his unorthodox use of language, playing with rhythms, sounds and associations.

The articles about Sasha Sokolov are included in The Literary Encyclopaedia and university schoolbooks. His novels are eagerly read and discussed by scholars and in university classrooms from New England to Southern California. In Europe, his books are translated to German, Dutch, Swedish, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Polish and many other languages. Conferences and articles are devoted to its author.