ELKOST International Literary Agency

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Oleg Dorman

ELKOST Intl. literary agency handles world translation rights in The Note. Life of Rudolf Barshai by Oleg Dorman

Oleg DormanOleg Dorman (b. 1967) is a Russian documentary filmmaker, sreenwriter, and translator. He graduated from The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (Moscow) in 1993.

Dorman is most famous for his movies 'Word for Word Translation ' (Podstrochnik 2009) and 'The Note. Life of Rufolf Barshai' (Nota 2011) which he later also published as books.


Russian media reviews on Dorman's works and excerpts from his documentaries are available on his Russian publisher Corpus´s website: http://www.corpus.ru/authors/dorman-oleg.htm