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Yuri Lotman

ELKOST Intl. literary agency handles world rights (except Russia and Estonia) in the literary estate of Yuri Lotman (1922-1993) on behalf of The Estonian Semiotics Repository Foundation

Yuri LotmanYuri Mikhailovich Lotman (Russian: Юрий Михайлович Лотман, Estonian: Juri Lotman) (28 February 1922 in Petrograd, Russia – 28 October 1993 in Tartu, Estonia) was a prominent Russian formalist critic, semiotician, and culturologist. Member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences, member of the Swedish Royal Academy, associate member of the British Royal Academy of Sciences, Lotman was the founder of structural semiotics in culturology and is considered as the first Soviet structuralist by writing his book On the Delimitation of Linguistic and Philological Concepts of Structure (1963).

The number of his printed works exceeds 800 titles, and the archive of his letters, now kept in the The Estonian Semiotics Repository Foundation of Tallinn University, which includes his correspondence with a number of Russian intellectuals, is immense (based on Wikipedia articles).