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"One of the best books to come out of Russia in the last decade..."
— Neue Zuricher Zeitung

"Where is Tajikistan? Is it far away? Not at all. Volos writes so visually of this former Soviet republic as if it were around the corner." — Tages Anzeiger

"Volos narrows the perspective of his narrative to the emotional experience of a few eye-witnesses and so creates an extraordinarily vivid and multifaceted atmosphere. This is the city of Hurramabad shimmering in the heat, the hurly-burly of the bazaars, in little side streets and in the habitations of Tajik shepherds. The growing suspense of Hurramabad will be felt even by readers who have not a slightest interest in this Central Asian country." — Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"Andrei Volos continues the tradition of stern realism in Russian literature, with his economical but expressive language, his sharp psychological insights, and his gorgeous descriptions of nature and national traditions." — Ex Libris

"The focused chaos in Hurramabad reveals a quantity of open wounds which will never heal." — Berliner Zeitung