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The Matiushin Case, 1997

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Rights sold to: China - Heilongjiang University Press, Croatia - FRACTURA, France - NOIR SUR BLANC, world English – AND OTHER STORIES, Hungary - MAGVETO, Poland - NOIR SUR BLANC, Italy - Odoya


Oleg Pavlov's second novel, the story of a camp guard entitled The Matiushin Case (1997), confirmed his reputation as a writer who works within the Great Russian literary tradition of compassion and sympathy for the “poor people”. The everyday life of the army, which looks more like the life of a prison camp; each soldier goes through his own circles of Inferno; step by step, Oleg Pavlov studies the abyss of humiliation and evil, where his characters live. Suddenly you understand why it has been necessary to brutalize these young soldiers before sending them to one of the post-Soviet post-colonial wars none of them believes they can win.