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Klemens, 2006

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Rights sold to: Italy – VOLAND, Russia – VREMYA

Long-listed title for the Big Book Russian National Award (2006)

 Kliemens, Voland Edizioni, 2011palei_klemens_ru

Marina Palei's Klemens is an extraordinary and highly unusual book. Its plot is focused on a strange and violent history of love of Mike, a male translator and photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia, to a mysterious German youth Klemens.

The novel might be considered as a homosexual literature, but only to the same extent as Nobokov's Lolita was considered once a pornographic literature. In fact, Palei's book is a logical continuation of Nabokov's aesthetics and poetics. Her Klemens is a mesmerizing work of art, thanks to its stylistically impeccable descriptions of emergent evolution of feelings, of love and hate in their extremes.

It is an innovative Russian-European novel of the new millennium, in which Marina Palei spontaneously plays with Martin Heidegger's paradoxical ideas.