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38 Parrots

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Rights sold to: France - Points de Suspension

This Oster’s book was originally written as a script for series of ten children's cartoons produced in the USSR between 1976 and 1991. The series portrays the amusing adventures of four friends: the talkative Marmoset, the shy young Elephant, the eccentric Parrot, and the thoughtful Boa.

The title comes from the very first story, where Boa has his length measured in parrots. In most stories the heroes solve paradoxes related to language and meaning. In one, for example, they discuss the number of nuts it takes to make a whole pile. In another, they tackle the problem of how to convey a greeting without it disappearing in transit.

Follow the link http://festival.inattendu.org/38-perroquets to see the 8-minute long animation movie clip 38 perroquets made by French children from École élémentaire Étienne Billières, Toulouse, fans of this Grigory Oster's book, for the Festival of Animated Movies "Petites Lanternes Magiques - 2008":