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I will fight for my freedom, 2010

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Rights sold to: Estonia - TANAPAEV, Germany – KNAUS VERLAG (Random House GmbH), France – EDITIONS FAYARD, Italy – MARSILIO EDITORI, Poland – ALBATROS, Hungary – NORAN, Lithuania - KITOS KNYGOS


Since his imprisonment, Khodorkovsky has continued to be a high-profile social commentator in Russia and abroad. He has authored numerous articles in leading Russian and international publications such as International Herald Tribune, Financial Times, New Times, Vedomosti, etc.

In his essays, Khodorkovsky has drawn attention to some of Russia's most pressing challenges by arguing for the urgent need to reform the country's ineffective legal system and highlighting the importance of diversifying the country's economy away from a reliance on natural resources.

Additionally, despite difficult conditions, Khodorkovsky has also maintained correspondences with several prominent Russian authors. He exchanged a series of letters with author Boris Akunin, originally published by Russian Esquire. His letters with Russian novelist Lyudmilla Ulitskaya received a literary award from Znamya Magazine and were translated into many languages and published by leading magazines and newspapers worldwide: Osteuropa (Germany), L’espresso (Italy), Nya Argus (Finland, Sweden), Eurozine (Austria), Dilema veche (Romania).