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Andrey Filimonov

Andrey FilimonovAndrey Filimonov (b. 1969), a native of Tomsk, earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Tomsk University, then became a journalist for the local television channel TV-2, one of the first independent Russian news channels which first broadcast in 1991 and was shut down, ostensibly due to licensing issues, in 2015. Filimonov has published several books of poetry and fiction and is a co-founder of the PlyasNigde (placenigde.ru) poetry festival. His poetry and stories have been anthologized in Nestolichnaya Literatura, Antologiya russkogo verlibra, and Poeziya novoy volny, and have been published in leading literary journals and collections such as Sibirskiye ogni, Den’ i noch’, and Vavilon.

Four-hundred-year-old Tomsk has long symbolized Siberia, with all the attendant myths, legends, and traditions thereof. In the nineteenth century the city was primarily characterized by its enormous population of exiles; by the end of that century, the city became renowned for the students who flocked to the large universities founded there in the 1880s and lent the city its unofficial nickname, the “Siberian Athens.” During the Russian Civil War, Tomsk was a center of White resistance.

Filimonov’s journalistic work has taken him from his home city, a major regional capital of half a million residents, to various locales all over Siberia, where he met the prototypes of his fiction.