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Your son, V."YOUR SON, V." is a documentary novel in letters, documents and photos, a unique documentary evidence that plunges you into the story of people who lived in Russia in 1920-60ies.

Valery was born after short but torrid love affair between a high-rank officer of Soviet secret police NKVD and his personal assistant Maria. His father stopped his relationship with Maria and forced her to send the boy away to a province to be raised by distant relatives. Later Valery was summoned to a military service in the Red Army, and along with his unit got into a horrid human meat mincing machine of WWII. He was captured by Nazis, and remained in the concentration camp until the end of the War. When freed, he deliberately took a decision to return to Soviet Union instead of surrendering to Americans, was arrested by NKVD, convicted as a traitor of his Soviet Motherland, and sent to the labor camp. As years passed by, Valery sent dozens and dozens of letters both to his father and mother, begging to save him, to protect, to prove and explain his innocence… but all in vain. His father didn't want to help, and his mother just couldn't since she also was in prison. One of Valery's letters triggered (incidentally or intentionally) his father's expulsion from NKVD.

The first document reproduced in the book is dated February, 1923: the letter from pregnant young Maria to her lover. Correspondence between Valery's father and mother came to an end at the beginning of 1950ies. In 1996-97 Maria's son and grandchildren described to the author how Maria's and her lover's lives ended.

Twists and turns of protagonists' fates depicted by Dvornichenko in her documentary novel are just incredible: a secretary marries a minister, a father and a son independently marry two sisters, a high-ranked NKVD officer is thrown out of work because his son's letter to the Red Cross…

Private letters, notes, official statements and certificates, photos, as well as testimonies of friends and relatives, tell a story of real people's life against a backdrop of their country and time. This documentary discloses a background of personal tragedies.

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